About Stacey Nerdin:

stacey nerdin

  • I’m 42, and definitely feeling this is the prime of life.
  • I love living in the Portland, Oregon metro area.
  • I have 5 children – three girls (21, 19, and 17) and two boys (14, 8). They are all great friends, and they generally seem to like my husband and I, despite the many mistakes we make.
  • I am a grandmother! Baby Lois was born June 2015.
  • I’ve been married for 22 years. What’s our secret? Time. Marriage isn’t always easy and it isn’t always fun, but if you give it time (and love, and patience, and communication, and forgiveness…), most issues will sort themselves out.
  • I love reading, technology, most things pop culture, and watching movies & reality television. I’m as likely to read Jane Austen as I am to read Entertainment Weekly, or to watch Masterpiece Theater as I am to watch America’s Next Top Model.
  • I struggle with anxiety & depression.
  • My dishes are never clean, my bed is never made, my clothes are never folded. But my floor is always vacuumed, and I cannot abide bad smells in my home. Priorities: I have ’em.
  • Over the past few years, I have developed a passion for travel and a desire to become a better photographer. What I’ve learned is that you have to make opportunities to experience both in your life; neither is a passive pursuit.
  • I’m a convert to the LDS church. I describe myself as personally conservative, but socially liberal – which basically means I have super strict rules for myself and my family, but will passionately support your rights to live according to the dictates of your own conscience.
Our family, with my new son-in-law. April, 2014

Our family, with my new son-in-law. April, 2014

The evolution of my online life:

I started blogging in 2005 as a way to chronicle life with my young family. In 2009, under the blog name “Tree, Root, and Twig,” I began partnering with various brands to promote products, services, and experiences on my blog. In 2011, I had the pleasure of speaking at Mom 2.0, Type A Parent, and Bloggy Bootcamp. During those years I also started writing for other online publications like ShePosts, The Mabelhood, and 5 Minutes for Mom.

As lives do, mine got very “big” as my kids became teenagers, and as my husband’s job required more and more travel. 2012 and 2013 were quiet blogging years for me, though I continued to nurture my core base of friends and followers online and brush up on my professional skills.

In 2014, I re-branded and started writing under the blog name “The Scenic Life.” I also transitioned into a variety of professional jobs in the social media space, including digital media coordinator for a local swim shop, social media content creator for a small marketing firm in Las Vegas, and customer service rep for a popular social media scheduling tool. In 2016, I will add ‘educator’ to that list as I begin teaching social media workshops in my community.

To see more of my professional resume and activities, you can visit StaceyNerdin.com or my LinkedIn profile.

Why “The Scenic Life?”:

After I turned 40, the fog began to clear (so to speak). I have come to realize that I only want and have time for the lovely in my life. And to have that, I must look for and identify the lovely, every single day. This blog is to celebrate all the things I find positive or uplifting along my journey, the view from my scenic life. I’d love to have you join me!


  • Meagan Shamy

    I want to invite you to an event in Portland, but can not find an email for you any where on your site.

    • http://thesceniclife.com Stacey @ The Scenic Life

      Hi Meagan, I just got an invitation to an event – was that the one? If so, thanks!. 🙂 My email is in my right sidebar, though, just under my photo (it is formatted kinda weird, though – sorry).