Introducing the New Multi-Platform Voyagers Book Series

Disclosure: We were sent these books by Random House Children’s Books for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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As my kids become more tech savvy, I realize they still enjoy many of their “real world” interests, including reading. An exiting new multi-platform middle grade series – Voyagers, from Random House Children’s Books – features some of the best YA authors of our time, combined with a virtual element sure to bring the action on the page to the next level.

About the Voyagers Book Series and VoyagersHQ

Best-selling authors D.J. MacHale, Robin Wasserman, Patrick Carman, Kekla Magoon, Jeanne DuPrau, and Wendy Mass each take their turn writing a book in this series about young heroes who journey into outer space to save planet earth.

Earth is in danger! Without a renewable source of clean energy, our planet will be toast in less than a year. There are 6 essential elements that, when properly combined, create a new power source. But the elements are scattered throughout the galaxy. And only a spaceship piloted by children can reach it and return to Earth safely. First the ideal team of four 12-year-olds must be chosen, and then the first element must be retrieved. There is not a mistake to be made, or a moment to lose. The source is out there. Voyagers is blasting off in 3, 2, 1…

Voyagers Book Series

Readers are invited to become part of the story by joining the crew through the multi-platform, VOYAGERS HQ. The HQ extends the adventure beyond the page, unlocking games and activities on their devices.

Voyagers HQ screenshot

Each book has clues and codes that lead to world extensions to be explored, played, and shared. Your online profile tracks your progress through the VOYAGERS universe, and gives you rewards, ranking and virtually currency for each product code redeemed.

Readers become part of the VOYAGERS world, which extends beyond the books to a digital interactive experience, and downloadable pay-for-play mobile apps games. Readers can also create their own custom VOYAGERS character, follow the team and experience this space adventure through the eyes of their own virtual droid.

Our Thoughts on the Voyagers Multi-Platform Series

These books are well-written, high quality sci-fi adventure for middle grade readers. We’re already huge fans of D.J. MacHale’s Pendragon series (side note: we met him once, and he’s also a super nice guy!), and he brings his same talent for characters and action to book one of this series, Project Alpha. I’m impressed by how clever and engaging these books are, and love how they challenge middle grade readers to really follow along as characters puzzle out solutions for the different problems that arise.

The digital VoyagersHQ element is just plain cool, too. Visually engaging and packed with interactive games and learning, VoyagersHQ has everything my kids expect from a quality online experience.