JORD Wood Watches {Review}

Disclosure: JORD Wood Watches sent me the Cora Series Zebrawood & Turquoise in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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As far as style goes, I prefer simple and elegant. A little pop of color, something subtle, yet sophisticated. Which is what drew me to the earth-and-sky tones, gold trim, modestly placed Swarovski crystals, and peek-a-boo workings of the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise from JORD Wood Watches.

This watch is simply gorgeous. It’s size is robust, yet it feels and looks so feminine.

I wore it first as part of my Sunday best with polka dots, denim, and pearls.

JORD Wood Watch with denim and pearls

It’s interesting the amount of confidence a lovely piece of jewelry can give you. And there’s something so classic these days about wearing a watch. Although everything else I had on was part of my regular church-day wardrobe, the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise made me feel like a million bucks. A feeling most moms I know could stand to feel a little more often!

In fact, my daughters are always encouraging me to buy brighter colors and prettier prints to bring out a bit more style. I paired the Zebrawood & Turquoise with a blouse that recently got the thumbs-up from both my girls.

JORD Wood Watch outfit 1 edit

Stacey Nerdin JORD Wood Watches edit

…and my own little selfie, featuring the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise…

Stacey Nerdin JORD Wood Watch

Thinking more about color, I pulled out my favorite lightweight, spring infinity scarf and pictured how the Cora Zebrawood & Turquoise might pair with it.

JORD Wood Watch Cora Zebrawood and Turquoise

Oh, it really is quite lovely!

JORD Wood Watches have handsome designs for both men and women. They use only 100% natural wood, sustainably sourced from across the globe, and they do not use toxic chemicals to either treat or protect the wood – keeping it hypoallergenic and with its natural finish. Some of their current series of watches feature bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa. All clasps are stainless steel, perfect for people (like my daughter!) with metal allergies.

Jord is actually a Swedish word (sounds like yord) meaning earth, soil, land. It’s great fun to see the adventurous, creative, stylish community of folks who embrace the spirit of JORD Wood Watches. Just search the #jordwatch hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and you’ll see what I mean.

For a stunning, unique, practical, and stylish gift for yourself or someone you love, I highly recommend checking out JORD Wood Watches.

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