5 Reasons We Love Our Target REDcard

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For Christmas 2013, my husband and I had our hearts set on surprising the kids with a Wii U. We played our Wii a lot as a family, and thought the upgrade would make for an even more fun way to spend time together.

Our local Target – which is not even a mile away (talk about dangerous – I love shopping there!) – had a great sale on the unit, and once our cashier told us we could save 5% more with Target’s REDcard, we decided to apply.

We opted to go with the Target REDcard debit, but they have a credit card option as well. Both cards have no annual fees; the credit card does include certain interest rates and late/returned payment fees. See the Target REDcard website for more information.

I’ve carried and used our Target REDcard Debit for almost 1.5 years now, and have come to love the benefits. Here are 5 Reasons We Love Our Target REDcard.

5 Reasons We Love Our Target REDcard

1. We like that the Target REDcard Debit connects directly to our bank. Applying did not put any type of inquiry on our credit report, and purchases are taken directly from our checking account within a day or two. This makes it easier for us to budget and spend within our means.

2. We love getting 5% off our purchases, every day. I can track my savings at the bottom of each receipt, or at the Manage My REDcard website; in just a few months (year to date), I’ve saved $27.53.

3. It’s fantastic to get free shipping from Target.com, with no minimum purchase. This has become especially important as my daughter and her husband live in another state, and I will be having more and more things shipped to them as their first baby is due this summer.

4. It’s helpful to have an extra 30 days to return items. I sometimes buy clothes for my kids at Target when they’re not with me, and later may need to return or exchange items if they don’t fit. Having an extra cushion of time with my busy schedule is great.

5. Up to 1% of purchases goes to the school of our choice. We selected our children’s high school, which to-date has received more than $21,000 in donations as a designated school of choice through the Target REDcard program. We love this simple, no fuss way to give back to our school while making everyday purchases.

Do you have the Target REDcard? What do you love most about it? Want to learn more or sign up for your own Target REDcard? Visit their website today!