5 Ways I Manage Daily Stress

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Just a mention of the word “stress” makes muscles in my neck and shoulders contract. “Stress” has such a negative connotation, when in reality not all stress is bad. It can refer to intense effort or exertion, or a state of emotional emphasis. Aren’t those things we feel with many good things in life, too? Like family, work, and new opportunities?

If stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, leaving it unmanaged can be. When stress builds to the point of anxiety or exhaustion, our mental and physical health can be at risk, and our relationships and quality of life are affected.

With a large family, home, work, and church responsibilities, stress is something I’ve had to learn to manage over the years. Here are 5 ways I manage my daily stress.

5 Ways To Manage Daily Stress

1. Budget quiet time. As an introvert, I feel stress when there is too much happening around me. I have to find time every day to “reset,” and for me, that usually means a nap, reading, or maybe just sitting on my porch for a while. It’s time I can use to still everything in my mind, and feel refreshed to continue with my responsibilities. If you don’t need quiet, maybe it’s “me time” you need to budget – engaging in something you enjoy, simply because you enjoy it.

2. Use your resources. I’m pretty bad at asking for help, so I have to constantly remind myself to use my resources when it comes to tackling different tasks. In my case, those resources are my older children, my husband, and sometimes friends. If you have financial resources to spare, this might mean outsourcing tasks you don’t have time for, like grocery delivery or even housecleaning. Stress can becoming overwhelming when we think we have to do everything ourselves.

3. Get moving. Many people testify that exercise is a great stress management tool. I confess, I’m not a devotee of exercise, but I do understand the connection between body and mind, and I believe that getting up and getting moving – dancing in your living room, going for a walk around the block, even just a physical change in scenery – can break a mental stress cycle and have lasting benefits.

4. Break it down. Have you heard the phrase: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: One bite at a time. Whenever my teenagers come to me overwhelmed with stress, I ask them to tell me the next THREE things they feel they must do. Only three, and they must be the most important. Then I insist that they only focus on those three things and report back to me when they are done. Stress reaches its peak when we can’t seem to see a few steps in front of us, but are instead overwhelmed by a larger, looming whole. Breaking it down – taking it one bite at a time – can definitely help.

5. Find tools that work for you. I am all about finding and using tools that help me feel more focused and less stressed. That could be anything from a desk calendar to iPhone apps for organization, or even physical products like the therapy lamp I use during gray Oregon winters or oils I use for aromatherapy. I believe it’s worth searching out and loading your “tool belt” for products that can help manage daily stress.

A new line of homeopathic stress relievers – used worldwide for generations and recently introduced in America – are RESCUE products.


RESCUE products come in a variety of convenient forms, including gum, sleeping melts, pastilles, and more. They are available at CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Sprouts and wherever you find natural products.

I have used natural stress relief products before, but they always make me sleepy. I’ve been trying the RESCUE Pastilles, and am happy to say I’m able to maintain my focus and energy, while feeling a general sense of calm despite my busy schedule.

RESCUE Pastilles desk

RESCUE products contain what they term the “RESCUE Remedy” – an all-natural, homeopathic blend of flowers that you can read more about here. The RESCUE Remedy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s and is considered gentle and safe, non-habit-forming and with no side effects.

Right now you can visit the RESCUE website to get a buy one-get one coupon and enter their #StressLess sweepstakes!

I’d love to know: what are some of your tips for managing daily stress?

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  • I have never tried this, but I printed the coupon and will go look for it at Walgreens tomorrow. Thank you!