Outfit of the Day (or Two)

A quick hashtag search of #ootd on Instagram reveals more than 51 million (!) posts on the subject. Most photos are of stylish women – though kids, men, and even some brands are represented, too – showing off their trendy and/or fashion-forward “outfit of the day.”

outfit of the day on Instagram

I give credit to these people who not only have the creativity to put together some amazing outfits, but the gumption to then share with their online communities.

Me? I like to think I have a sense of style, but I totally lack the energy, interest, and funds to make much use of it. I clean up nice, though, and periodically like to put together an outfit that doesn’t scream “I got dressed against my will.”

But why just stop at making that just an outfit of the day?

Am I the only woman who does some rough calculations after wearing a cute outfit? In my head, it goes something like this: cuteness of outfit + comfort of outfit – amount of time worn(whether or not anything spilled on it or it could now be considered “dirty”) – the chance anyone who saw me in it today will see me in it tomorrow = maybe I can wear this again!

See this picture?

Stacey Nerdin blogger

It’s a screenshot from a video I posted to Facebook yesterday. I had just gone to the grocery store for a quick trip, but I was super comfy – and kinda cute (yes, I’m gonna say so myself) in my cable-knit sweater and infinity scarf. So guess what? Yesterday’s #ootd will be recycled for tonight’s high school band concert! Bam.

I’m curious: do you – or would you – wear a cute outfit more than once during the week?