13 Ounces of Awesome

I was giddy when I went to sleep last night, and anxiously watched my phone all morning long.

Today was my daughter’s 20-week prenatal ultrasound. We were going to find out the gender of our first grand baby!

I miss my daughter on normal days – her being a state away during this pregnancy is just no fun at all. Pictures like this of her little baby bump (smaller than I ever was at 20 weeks, that’s for sure) keep me going…

Hannah's baby bump

Isn’t she adorable?!!

She and I texted back and forth this morning as she got ready for the appointment. I even used Find My iPhone to track her to the doctor’s office.

Then I waited. And stared at my phone. And waited some more.

Finally…the call!

Baby is a healthy 13 ounces, all vitals and measurements looked great. Projected due date is July 1st.


IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!

A wonderful little girl!

She was a bit camera shy, so we didn’t get any good profile shots, but we did get some sweet photos of her waving to us, and a perfect little foot (with five perfect little toes).

ultrasound baby waving

ultrasound baby foot

I’ll spare you the “money shot,” but the technician clearly showed in another image why she was so sure of the gender.

A little girl! A granddaughter!

July 1st can’t come soon enough.

  • Kristin Duncan

    Congrats, sweet friend! 🙂

  • I am so thrilled for you!!!! And, yes, your daughter is SO cute!!!!

  • Yes, she is crazy adorable! I’m so excited for you and your family. And, welcome to the grandma club! It’s so much fun.

    • It’s rotten being so far from her, but I love the pictures she sends. 🙂 And thanks for welcoming me to the club! We make grandmas look GOOD. 😉