Rules for Making a Bucket List

Vision board. Life goal. Law of Attraction. Creative Visualization. Bucket List.

Whatever you want to call it, I’ve recently decided to rake a mental comb over my most prominent daydreams and identify some of my heart’s desires.

But since I’m nearly as analytical as I am imaginative, I’ve started asking myself a lot of questions in the process.

Are there rules for making a Bucket List?

Rules for Making a Bucket List

Can you put items on a Bucket List you’ve already done, then cross them out for credit? I do that all the time with my daily to-do lists, and it’s very satisfying.

Can you put items on a Bucket List you’ve already done, but want to do again? Because I would love another airport conversation with Josh Duhamel.

Is death the only expiration date for items on a Bucket List? Or is there a certain age you should reconsider the hot air balloon thing?

Is it ok to remove a Bucket List item you’ve changed your mind about? Because I’ve decided there are a LOT of things that taste way better than skinny feels.

How big should a Bucket List be? And how often can you add to it? Because at some point I fear it could morph from an inspiring list of possibilities into something like…

good luck Grumpy Cat

Joking aside, I’m curious: do you have a Bucket List? How did you decide what to put on it?

Also: what’s on your bucket list? Here’s mine.