My Paper Timehop

As far as iPhone apps go, Timehop is one of my all-time favorites.

I love the little gems I’m shown every day of photos and updates I posted on that same day one year ago…two years ago…as far back as six years ago in some cases.

iPhone Timehop App

There’s a feature in Timehop to re-post the past updates, and a friend on Facebook recently asked what the point was in re-hashing old news. For my part, I explained that I like the perspective of looking back and seeing what may – or may not – be different now. And when I thought a little more about it, keeping track of the past is a habit I’ve had for a long time.

Case in point: my calendars.

stack of old calendars

I’m reminded every January 1st of the growing stash of spent calendars I keep in my desk drawer. My wall calendars – mostly by Mary Engelbreit – date back to 2001, the desk calendars to 2009. I don’t often go through them, but for some reason I can’t even consider throwing them away.

When I do take the chance to go through them, I’m amused and enchanted by what treasures I find. Tonight our family chuckled over this series of events in April 2001: on Friday night, my husband, three daughters and I sang “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” in a church talent show. On Saturday night, we went to a family bowling night.

dates on old calendar

Then, on Monday afternoon…

date on old calendar

My first son was born! He wasn’t due until May 16th, so his arrival on April 30th – and on my father-in-law’s birthday, no less! – was a wonderful surprise.

Sometimes I’m more exhausted than amused when I look through my old calendars.

old desk calendar

The example above is from January 2009 – six years ago this week. I had a freshman in high school, a daughter in 6th grade at the middle school, a daughter in 5th grade and son in 2nd grade at the elementary, and my youngest son was 18 months old at home with me. We were still new to Texas, having relocated there from Oregon, my husband’s work travel had picked up a lot, and life was just CRAZY.

But you know what looking back through these calendars shows me? We made it then, we can make it now. I like having the gift of that perspective as we continue to move through life.

What about you: do you use the Timehop app? What do you think of it? Are there any other ways that you journal or keep record of the past?