The Pajama Hour

On the outside, I might look like an overachiever. I juggle family, work, blogging, a leadership role at church, keeping house, certain creative pursuits, and whatever else I wager my tick-tock brain can handle.

To some I may even look like an extrovert. I love teaching, am comfortable speaking in public, and seek out and respond to conversation in social settings.

But I, in my natural state, am a total hermit. A recluse, really. And nearly every day is spent calculating the hour in which I can jump into my pajamas and not see another living soul – outside my family, of course – for the rest of the day.


My husband travels frequently for work, so many days necessitate that I at least remain dressed to bring my 1st grader to school and pick him up when he’s done. But that’s only because we walk. If we drove, there’s no guarantee I wouldn’t be in my pajamas the entire day.

It’s not that I’m lazy – I just want to be comfortable. And it’s not that I don’t like people…well, maybe it’s a little bit because of that. But mainly, I just like quiet. I like solitude. I like the simplicity of a limited amount of external stimuli.

Of course, my hermit personality stands in direct opposition to the fact that I have five kids, high ambitions, and an insatiable love of travel. So, I work around it.

But if we’re ever talking and you catch me with a far-off look in my eye, I might just be thinking of when I get to be in my pajamas next.