Why “Settle” Is My Word for 2015

I’ve had one word on my mind for the past few months as I’ve talked myself through some stressful situations. It only seemed fitting that I make it the focus for 2015. That word is “settle.”

Why Settle Is My Word for 2015

Now, I don’t mean “settle” in the sense of accepting something lesser than what I want or hope for. And I don’t mean it to imply I’m working on a problem or resolution to something.

Most people who know me well would describe me as pretty…wound up. I have a lot of ideas, responsibilities, and ambitions, and I tend to run a little faster than I ought to.

Too often I find myself trying to rush through a task, eager to get on to the next. Even while I understand that there is truly nothing in my life that can be counted as an emergency. Still, I feel so anxious to keep going, going, going.

So for the past few months, I’ve engaged my mind in a mantra of “settle….settle…settle.” It’s actually a command used in training dogs to be calm and still. And yes, I understand it might seem strange to attach a dog’s command to my own state of mind. But I think the intent of the command in this context is closely linked to one of the word’s definitions – to “come to rest in a comfortable position.”

Why wouldn’t “relax” or “calm” or “be still” work just as well for my word or phrase of 2015? Because for me, when I think of “settle,” I picture being alert and involved – rather than carefree or unconcerned – and just navigating to a mental and physical space where I’m prepared to be doing whatever needs to be done for as long as it takes to do it well. Without freaking myself out.

I feel like the wisdom and ability to “settle” is coming easier as I get older and as my children become more independent. I hope as I meditate on my word for 2015 and make a commitment to settle my mind and body into each task at hand, I will become happier and more fulfilled.

Will you be focusing on a particular word for 2015? What did you choose, and why?