My New Title: Grandma!

When my oldest daughter texted me in October and said “Is Dad in town? I need to talk to you guys,” I couldn’t help buy smile. My mind went straight to happy news, and when she called a few minutes later, my excitement was validated: she’s pregnant!

grandma to be

Hannah was married in April, and though there was no rush or pressure for them to have kids right away, I felt from day one that they would make great parents. True, they are quite young, but they’ve been sweethearts and best friends for years, and as the oldest child in both of their families, are no strangers to helping and taking care of younger children. Besides, they will have a ton of support from both sides, and there is lots and lots of love to go around.

So how do I feel about being a Grandma at 41? I love it! It is funny to still technically be within child-bearing years when my own child starts her family, but we have no plans for a “Father of the Bride” scenario.

I think the biggest challenge for me is wanting to be totally available to help my daughter, and yet still having so many responsibilities of my own with 4 kids at home. Her baby is due in the summer, so I will have a little more flexibility with traveling to see them, but I can already feel the pull of wanting to be active and involved, while still running my own show at home.

The only other thought I’ve had regarding this fabulous news: what do I want my grandchildren to call me? My mom is Grammie to my kids, and her mom was Grammie to me. “Grammie” makes sense as my new title, but I want to make sure that’s good with my son-in-law’s mom. All of these fun logistics to work out once your children get married and start families!