Expanding the iPad into Real-World Play with Osmo


Have you heard of OsmoThis ‘tangible play’ meets ‘digital interface’ new product for children has won an impressive collection of awards, including Innovative Toy of the Year (TOTY, 2015), Best Invention (TIME, 2014), and Best Product Design (Fast Company, 2015).

Osmo Tangible Play for iPad

Osmo is a kit for iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Air and Air 2 that captures real-world game pieces like tanagrams and letter tiles and couples them with interactive play on the iPad. It’s harder to explain with words, so take a look at this video to see it in action:

Osmo is designed for children 5 years and older, and the 5 games currently used with the device – Numbers, Newton, Words, Tanagram, and Masterpiece – are meant to give kids an opportunity to learn social skills and practice creative thinking. Developers intend to make more games available as the device continues to gain traction with users.

The Osmo Starter Kit currently includes:

  • a reflective mirror for the iPad camera
  • white iPad stand
  • 2 sets of game pieces (2 complete alphabet letter tile set and 7 wood tangram shapes)
  • and instructions for downloading 4 free apps in the App Store.

The Genius Kit comes with everything above along with the Numbers game pieces (2 sets of number tiles and 2 sets of dots tiles) and instructions to download the Numbers game for free from the App Store.

7,500 schools in 42 different countries have adopted Osmo for use in the classroom. This is no wonder to me, as I’ve already seen for the past few years how teachers are trying to integrate the digital skills and interests of students with real-world educational application (and fun!).

To learn more about Osmo, make sure to:

Osmo has sent our family a kit, and I am bursting with enthusiasm to try it out! I see a bright, exciting future of possibilities for this company and device. [UPDATE: Read our review!]

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