My Little Renaissance Man

In my last post, I mentioned that my 7yo son is a video game fanatic. I sometimes worry about sharing that, because I feel a kind of stigma attached to it. People seem to have very strong opinions about computers, video games, young kids and devices, limiting screen time, and so on.

Though I do often worry about what other people think, I don’t ever worry about Eli himself. I know that despite a generous amount of screen time, he has actually learned a lot from video games – reading, in particular. And when we invite him to participate in anything else that’s active – mini-golf, bowling, riding his bike outside – he’s always eager to join us. We spend nearly an hour every night reading and singing songs together, and he’s recently taken up writing tons of little “books” with quartered sheets of paper stapled together.

Last week, Eli surprised me by asking if I would teach him to knit. I just started using a knitting loom to make our family Christmas hats, and Eli – fascinated by the process – wanted to give it a try. I set him up with a small loom, and after about 30 minutes of instruction, he was doing it on his own! It has been so sweet to watch him knitting at church, before school, or on his bed in the evening. “You can knit anywhere!” he told me. “You just need somewhere comfy to sit!”

Eli knitting

By my own admission, my son is a video game fanatic, but he’s a lot of other things, too. I’m happy to allow him the time to do something he loves, but am grateful he has other interests as well. And I’m especially glad when I’m able to help him develop new interests or foster new talents. Some days it feels like I’m raising my very own little renaissance man!