Unabashedly Enthusiastic

The Flawed but Authentic suite at last month’s BlogHer conference was a welcome oasis of calm and peace amid the hectic schedule of keynotes and classes.

Flawed but Authentic

Hosted by Leah Peterson and a wonderfully talented team of women, the Flawed but Authentic suite offered a chance to rest a while, meet others, share, inspire, and learn about whole wellness through essential oils.

Part of the unique experience of the suite was the portrait session, in which participants were asked to listen to short, powerful messages while their reactions were captured on film by Katie Gardner.

Stacey at Flawed but Authentic Suite

The messages were recorded by Amy Turn Sharp and Robin Plemmons, and included phrases like

“Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.”

– Michelle K


“You are here to shine your little heart out. Speak your truth, but have no expectations on others.” – Robin Plemmons

Honestly, it was all enough to make me cry.

Stacey at Flawed but Authentic Suite cry

But the one phrase that really got me was this:

Unabashedly Enthusiastic

I’m not sure why I was so affected by it. Maybe because I pull back when I find myself laughing too loud. Or because I second-guess myself after making a bold decision. I have a tendency to want to reduce myself, to make myself less┬áthan I am. So the idea of being unabashedly enthusiastic about myself seems like such a liberating idea.

Stacey at Flawed but Authentic Suite smile

It makes me wonder: if you could be unabashedly enthusiastic about any of your talents or traits, what would they be? I’d love to hear!

To listen the messages read by Amy Turn Sharp, visit her Soundcloud page. To hear the messages read by Robin Plemmons, visit her Soundcloud page.


*Note: While these portraits and some essential oil samples were provided for free in the Flawed but Authentic suite, I was not asked to post about it, nor did I receive any compensation for posting. I just wanted to share what I found to be a lovely and thought-provoking experience.