Look What I’m Bringing to #BlogHer14!

*Disclosure: I was provided complimentary business cards from Tiny Prints in exchange for the review below; no compensation was received. But I would like to note that I have happily paid for business cards from Tiny Prints in the past, and definitely will in the future. I love them!

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It’s been three years since I’ve been to a blogging conference, and four years since I attended BlogHer ’10 in New York City. BlogHer ’10 was a Cinderella moment for me, and though I’m skeptical I’ll be able to top the experience, I’m anxious to get back in the networking flow and learn from all the very talented presenters.

Despite being a flurry of nerves and excitement as I prepare to attend BlogHer ’14 in San Jose this week, there are two things I will be sure to pack!

A Gift for You

At my first Type A Mom conference in 2009 (it’s now called Type A Parent), I had the idea to bring pewter Tree of Life charms to pass out to people I met. The symbol was a lovely fit with my blog at the time, and over the years I loved hearing that others still had and wore their pendant; it made me feel connected, even though we were miles apart.

I’ve decided to revive my tradition of bringing a small token for conference attendees, but because my blog has changed, the gift has changed, too!

If you see me at BlogHer ’14, make sure to ask for one of these:

Pine Cone Charms from The Scenic Life

It’s a sweet little pine cone charm that looks lovely on a silver chain. Why pine cones? I provide a little explanation in the jewelry pouch; you’ll have to get one to find out!

Business Cards from Tiny Prints

I have ordered my business cards from Tiny Prints for years. Their design options and card quality are top notch, and the ordering process is clear and precise. I loved my card for my old blog, and got so many great compliments when handing it out. Now with my new site, I knew just where to turn for new cards.

This time around I chose the Foodie Fete design, since I love everything about it – the image and text placement, the font options, the fresh color options, and the large graphic arrow. It also has a spot on the back for more text, or a space you can leave open for notes.

close up Business Cards from Tiny Prints

I think these new business cards from Tiny Prints convey just the right amount of sass and good-natured-ness that I hope people see reflected in me.

Are You Going To BlogHer14?

Will I see you at BlogHer ’14? If so, let’s make sure to have a nice chat, exchange cards, and don’t forget to ask for a pine cone charm. I’m bringing one just for you!


  • I will absolutely be looking for you at BlogHer… and it has nothing to do with the adorable little pine cones (and the mysterious “why pine cones?” teaser!!!).

    I love the new space (although it seems I was missing out for quite a while!). I’d love to talk to you about your transition. I keep feeling the need to move on my space.

  • I will be there! I am SO excited as this will be my first BlogHer! Hope I get a chance to meet you there. Love your charm idea!

  • What an absolutely lovely idea! I hope I run into you at Blogher (and I promise not to interrupt any of your power naps!)

  • Crossing my fingers I find you! What a fantastic way to meet people!

  • Jenn

    I LOVE your new cards! There are so you, and make me smile. This post really makes me wish that I was going to be there with you.

  • I’ll be attending BlogHer for the 1st time this! I love the idea of a little gift, if only I had thought of it prior to today! Love the pinecones, they remain me of Washington state, where I grew up, but left 13 years ago. Hope I run into you. xoxo

  • This is a great idea! I wanted to bring pens to hand out to people I Met (because I’m a “writer”), but I couldn’t fit it int the budget. 🙁 Maybe for another conference. Love your business cards! just got a new set too so we’ll definitely have to exchange them. I can’t wear to hear the story of the pine cone! (Look for the lady with the little stuffed koala – that’s me – and I’d be happy to share my story too!) 🙂

  • Fun! I’ll find you! 🙂 I gave out some mini make up for ever mascaras, along with my business “card” (button) at a previous blogging conference.

  • Such a thoughtful thing to do. I will be there and hope to say ‘hello’