Our Last Kindergarten Graduation

Our youngest son, Eli, graduated from Kindergarten today. His school held a sweet little ceremony, followed by some free time on the playground (a luxury for half-day Kinders!), and then my husband and I took him out for a donut.

It was a special time to celebrate how far Eli has come this year – not just academically, but emotionally, too.

It was also a special time to reflect on this being my last Kinder graduation.

No tears from me, only relief. There is nothing bittersweet about this milestone; I am so ready, and it is so time for this stage of our lives.

It’s the whole point, right? To grow these little children into independent older children, into self-sufficient teens, and finally into stumbling (but secure) adulthood.

Maybe it’s the parenting “sweet spot” I’m in that helps me feel more happy, less mournful, about my baby graduating Kindergarten. I have the distinct luxury of already knowing that (thankfully) despite all my worst flaws and (hopefully) because of my best attempts, my kids will grow up to be happy, well-adjusted people. I have that confirmation with my oldest, and I see the trend continuing with my older teens.

So I know that I can let Eli go. I can let him sail through these stages and share them with him without mourning, without sadness, with nothing but gratitude and happiness and excitement for what comes next.

Congratulations, Eli!

Eli first sees us at Kinder graduation

Eli graduating Kindergarten

Eli waves at Kinder graduation

Eli funny face at Kinder graduation

Robb and Eli at Kinder Graduation

Stacey and Eli at Kindergarten Graduation