Look At It This Way

My laundry room is chaos itself, and it drives me crazy.

Take a look and tell me you understand:

messy laundry room

With four kids, four pets, and two adults in our home, the washer and dryer run daily. I can (and do) stand for an hour or more at a time trying to sort through everything – pull out the towels, separate the girls’ clothes from the boys’, distribute the socks between two baskets – but within hours it jumps right back to this mess.

And yes, I do ask my kids to help, but when they seem perfectly content to pick their wrinkled clothes out of this heap – and more visible┬áchores like the vacuuming or the cat litter need to be done – I tend to just leave it alone.

As I said, it drives me crazy.

But what if….

what if I tried to look at it another way…?

What if I tried to be grateful that

  • we have clothes to cover us
  • we have blankets to keep us warm
  • and towels to keep us dry
  • we have a washer and dryer that work
  • we have a laundry room that keeps it all out of sight

As I looked at the chaos of my laundry room the other day, I realized I have a lot to be grateful for. It doesn’t dismiss the need to clean it up, but it does help me choke down the frustration and add a bit of lightness to my heart.

Which, when it comes to many things about motherhood and running a home, I could stand to do a lot more often.