Family Time with Ridemakerz Customizable R/C Toy Cars

*Disclosure: Product was provided in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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My husband and I are always looking for fun, creative ways to engage in offline activities with our kids. While I don’t begrudge them their time on the computer or mobile devices (clearly I’m a fan of the online world), we do see the need to balance their virtual endeavors with time spent together.

That’s why I love the concept behind Ridemakerz. The slogan for their buildable, customizable, R/C-optional toy cars is “You buy the parts, they build the memories.” By creating a stylish, hands-on product that encourages real-time teamwork and creativity, Ridemakerz definitely is a consumer experience that helps build memories.

The Cars

We were sent a Father/Son Father’s Day Kit, which included the sleek Ridemakerz RZ Vortex and Chevy Corvette car models, as well as several custom, interchangeable accessories, sound cards, and decal sheets. Ridemakerz even sent us the R/C upgrade kits for each of the cars.

Ridemakerz Father's Day Kit

Ridemakerz has a number of car models to choose from, either in kits (as seen here) or solo. They have a fantastic variety of licensed cars, including models for favorite Marvel superheros, DC’s Batman, and even Mater and Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar’s Cars.

Building Our Ridemakerz Customizable Cars

The cars do not come with a physical instruction manual, but there is an online manual for your reference. Even without printed instructions, my husband and sons were able to assemble the cars with little problem. They had a great time building them, and it was rewarding for them to see the cars come together so quickly.

Father Son Building Customizable Ridemakerz Toy Car

Building Customizable Ridemakerz Toy Cars

Closer Look at Building Ridemakerz Customizable Toy Cars

I will say that’s a huge advantage Ridemakerz has over the idea of building smaller, more complicated model cars. My husband and sons have tried that before, and each time was met with frustration and ultimately an incomplete project. They liked that the Ridemakerz took long enough to build so they got to laugh and puzzle over the project, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that they wanted to give up. Building their Ridemakerz together was a fun, rewarding success.

Eli's Customizable Ridemakerz Toy Car

Taking Our R/C Ridemakerz on the Road

Although the Ridemakerz cars seemed quite sturdy once they were built, I still worried how they would hold up to two active boys horsing around with them outside. Want to see how the Ridemakerz R/C cars performed? Take a look at this video of our Ridemakerz experience, from box to road!

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