eShakti Dress Review

In planning my daughter’s April wedding, one of the items high on our priority list was to find bridesmaids dresses that were cute, modest, comfortable, and functional for more than one wear. Have you ever tried finding all of those qualities in a bridesmaid’s dress? It’s not easy! Fortunately, we found exactly what we were looking for at

Finding a Dress

eShakti specializes in stylish dresses, sizes 0-36W, for all occasions. They have dresses for a variety of tastes, including classic, romantic, quirky, and even retro. They also make it very simple to search for dresses based on color, fabric, price, and more.

Since my daughter’s wedding colors were blue and silver, I started my search by color. I found something almost immediately that I knew would be perfect for the bridesmaids. Encouraged that maybe I’d find something for myself, too, I decided to look for my Mother of the Bride dress at eShakti. After just a short time on the site, I chose the dresses below – the blue Fiona dress for the girls, the purple Olivia dress for me.

eShakti Dress Review

One note: if you find something you like on eShakti, you should probably grab it up. Their stock seems to change constantly – even these dresses I ordered in March are no longer available on the site.


In addition to the fabulous styles, my favorite part of eShakti is that you can customize your dress for a very small fee. You can send your exact body measurements for a tailored fit, and specify your preference for neck style, sleeves, and hem length. I added sleeves to both dresses, and made sure the girls’ dresses were at their knees and mine was just below.

modest customizable dresses at eShakti

An example of the various ways you can customize the same dress at eShakti.

This may not seem like a big deal to some customers, but the option for greater modesty is a huge selling point for me! eShakti’s customization is also very appealing for women who have a hard time finding well-fitting dresses “off the rack,” and people who want to choose what body parts are highlighted (or hidden).

How To Save At eShakti

The dress prices at eShakti run anywhere from $60-$140+ each. The dresses we chose were more than $100 each, which was a little steep for our budget. BUT, eShakti gives you a $25 credit just for registering at the site. And they are constantly running great promotions. When I bought our dresses, they were Buy One, Get One 50% Off, which made me very happy.

I did have one little surprise cost I wasn’t expecting, only because I guess I didn’t think about it. eShakti ships their dresses via DHL from India. Although I paid shipping with the cost of my dresses, one month later I received a bill from DHL for the cost to bring them through customs (about $50 in my case). eShakti does not go out of their way to advertise this to customers, so if you order from them, be prepared.

What about the Quality?

I did not send in body measurements, but just ordered our typical dress sizes. All of our dresses from eShakti fit true to size. The bridesmaids’ dresses in particular fit each girl like a glove, and they were beautiful!! They loved the vibrant blue, the beautiful lace, the fun “twirl” of the skirts, and – this was a big bonus – the pockets. None of the girls had any problems with the side zipper, and each dress came with the little black sash accessory.

eShakti bridesmaids dresses

girls with bouquets

I didn’t have quite as much luck as the girls. The quality of my dress was great – the fit was good, the zipper sturdy, and the color was beautiful. BUT…the style and shape were just…blah. With such a low and nondescript waistline, the dress lacked any form, and basically looked like a tent.

mother of the bride dress eShakti

There was very little I could do to make it look better as it was, so I ended up wearing a black jacket over it. I still think it turned out ok (it was very comfortable!), and I got several nice compliments on the day of the wedding.

mother of the bride dress from eShakti

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend eShakti? Yes, absolutely! In fact, I’ve already recommended eShakti to several people I know. Some reviews I’ve read have a lot of negative feedback about the customer service. We didn’t need to contact customer service at any point, so I actually can’t speak to that. Our experience was pretty smooth – barring my tent-like dress (which I’m owing more to the dropped waist not being so flattering in a plus size) and the customs duty (which, although I hadn’t thought about it, made sense) – and I have no complaints.

Have you ever purchased a dress from eShakti? What do you think of their site?

*Disclosure: Although eShakti often works with bloggers on dress reviews, and I often write product reviews, I purchased these dresses myself and this is not a sponsored post. The links in the post are referral links, which – when used – gets you a $35 gift coupon to use on your first order, and me a $10 shopping credit.