Our Favorite Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels

I have basically stopped trying to understand the spell my 6yo son is under when it comes to YouTube. He can (and tries to) spend hours watching videos, mostly of video game play (“Let’s Play,” or LP) for Minecraft and now Skylanders.

The problem is, many of the videos on YouTube contain incidental language or intentional crudeness. Not cool.

As a digital enthusiast myself, I’m not interested in shutting down his access to YouTube altogether, but we’ve had to be more specific and selective in what he’s allowed to watch. Through much trial and error, we’ve come up with a handful of YouTube Channels we’re happy to find as kid-friendly.

Our Favorite Kid Friendly YouTube Channels at The Scenic Life


Etho has a robust collection of videos on his YouTube Channel, including detailed and lengthy LP’s. He keeps it strict kid-friendly, with no swearing or crudeness. His videos aren’t very flashy, but they’re packed with a lot of useful info, and I know watching his tutorials and game play has helped my 6yo become a better Minecrafter.


Kid Friendly YouTube Channel EvanTube

EvanTube has everything my son loves: brick films and LEGO builds, toy reviews, videos on Angry Birds, Skylanders, and more. And the best part: my son feels like he’s watching a friend, since channel host Evan is a charming 7yo boy! Evan’s popularity has grown so much, he has branched off into two new channels (in addition to the original, EvanTubeHD). He now posts his own LP’s for Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and more on EvanTubeGaming, with more personal and family vlog content at EvanTubeRAW.

Skylander Boy and Girl

Skylander Boy and Girl features an INCREDIBLY (I mean – INCREDIBLY) enthusiastic dad with his son and daughter as they cover all things Skylander (“Skits, Gameplay, Tricks, Tips, Creative Custom Videos, Unboxings, Gifts, Contests, Music and More.”). My 6yo son is in love with this family, and I think he’d run away with them if given the chance. This channel is loud, a little flashy, and a ton of fun.

LEGO YouTube

Kid Friendly YouTube Channel LEGO

Other than video games, my 6yo son is still squarely obsessed with all things LEGO. On their YouTube channel, he can watch videos from his favorite LEGO shows, but what he really loves is watching the LEGO builds. The LEGO Creator Designer Tips have boosted my son’s imagination into hyper-drive, and I love to see what he is inspired to create after watching their videos!


My son prefers to watch videos on our desktop computer or smart TV, but if your child likes to watch YouTube videos on your Android or iOS device, new apps from KicVidz will help “keep it clean.” Download KicVidz Minecraft or KicVidz LEGO, and your child will have access to only age-appropriate videos in those categories. I hope to see this app – and the buzz about it – grow, since I definitely think it fills a need.

I’d love to know: does your child enjoy watching videos on YouTube? Have you found any fun, kid-friendly channels there?