Why Moms Should Ride Roller Coasters

During this past Mother’s Day dinner with family, my kids decided to go around the table and share their favorite memories of me. The conversation quickly turned to a trip we took last summer to the Universal Orlando Resort. My daughter Maddy laughed as she remembered how fun it was to watch me enjoy the parks and the rides with them.

I am typically the practical cog in the wheel-work of our family, but for several days at Universal Orlando, I looked a lot like this:

Rip Saw Falls Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

That would be me, laughing my head off with my hands in the air, while my kids rode along, terrified.

My daughter Hannah posted this picture and shared the same story as Maddy – although totally independent of our conversation at dinner – in wishing me a Happy Mothers Day on Facebook.

The repetition in theme struck me: I think it’s really important for kids to see their mothers let loose, have fun, laugh, enjoy, and maybe be a little silly. Especially for the sake of making memories.

I know my kids appreciate all the practical, realistic, mundane, everyday things I do. In fact, they are old enough {and grateful enough} to understand that their personal comfort and security often rely on it.

But I think there is something lasting and genuine about letting our guards down as moms, and letting our kids see the fun, maybe unpredictable side of us. Even if we do look a little goofy while doing it!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Forbidden Journey Universal Orlando