Turn, Turn, Turn

bird nest

I’m not starting over. Just starting again. Welcome to The Scenic Life!

I launched my first blog in December 2005. It was called Plenty, and was hosted on the Blogster network. It was a way for me to take the armful of life I was carrying at the time – young children, husband in school – and set it all out for careful inspection and reflection.

In 2007 I discovered WordPress and moved to that platform with a new blog, Happy Are We. And I was happy. Life was busy, it was very full. But after a while, the word “happy” didn’t ring quite true, as I was experiencing significant and consistent depression.

In the meantime, we made a cross-country move, and I felt isolated from everything familiar. I needed connection, I needed to grow, to branch out, and my blog soon transformed into Tree, Root, and Twig.

I have been at Tree, Root, and Twig since 2009. That site has been very good to me. Through it, I have met some wonderful people, attended exciting events, and made memories of a lifetime.

And now…

Now, I’m at a pretty wonderful stage in life. My oldest daughter is married, my youngest son is in Kindergarten. I am in the luckiest of all possible places as a parent – I can see that I did pretty great with my grown child, while still getting to explore all the news and firsts with my young child. And then just enjoy the circus of activities with my three kids in between!

I see now, more than ever, how much lovely there is around me every day. I admit, sometimes it’s a struggle to tune in to the beauty, but it’s there, and on hard days, that gives me great hope.

I don’t know how much “different” this site will be than Tree, Root, and Twig in content. I don’t have a strategy for the mechanics at this point, just a hope and goal for the feel. This is a fresh space, where I want to share with fresh eyes.

The best of the archived content is still being pulled, tagged, and organized from the old site (and some new content will feed in over the coming months). I will surely stumble through this process, but I hope you will take this step with me and strive to find the lovely in YOUR everyday, too!