Surviving Portland’s Own Snowpocalypse

A snow “event” in the Portland area is much like watching the Super Bowl. There’s “pre-game” build-up with lots of analysis, hedging bets, and so forth. Then there’s the event itself, with some cheering, some booing, and plenty of anxiety to see how it will all end. And finally, there’s the “post-game” wrap up, looking at what exactly happened, how it happened, and where we go from here.

Despite all the brouhaha, snow in Portland is typically a one-day affair: it flurries, it either doesn’t stick or melts quickly, and we all move on (not without freaking out quite a bit first).

But when Winter Storm Orion moved through this past week, Portland got a bona fide THREE days of snowfall, our own little “Snowpocalypse!”

This was our cul-de-sac on Thursday morning as I went to pick up my son from the Kindergarten bus stop. I honestly thought this was all the snow we might get.

cul-se-sac 1

Here’s our cul-de-sac on Saturday morning. Quite the 48 hours!


The kids were sent home early from school on Thursday in anticipation of the snow. School was cancelled Friday, a regional church conference I was supposed to teach at on Saturday was cancelled, even church on Sunday was cancelled! And two days after any snow fell, school on Monday was cancelled as well, because of all the remaining snow and ice. Portland doesn’t have the infrastructure for regularly clearing roads of snow, so everything in the area basically shuts down.

For our part, we enjoyed our *five days* of family togetherness by sleeping, reading, working, baking, cleaning the house, and…of course…playing in the snow!

fun in snow

It was fun to experience something so out of the ordinary for this area. We survived Portland’s own “Snowpocalypse!”