Pinterest Made Me Do It: Holiday Wreaths

A simple search of “holiday wreaths” on Pinterest yields a mile-long collection of festivity-in-the-round.

Pinterest Made Me Do It Holiday Wreaths

Fabric, twigs, ornaments, yarn – clever crafters use all sorts of materials to fashion wreaths, and not just for the winter holidays. I saw loads of Pins this fall featuring a variety of Halloween wreaths, and was particularly drawn to the simpler versions that included just a few materials (namely, yarn). Which is when I was inspired to create this:

Pinterest Made Me Do It Halloween Wreath

Being a casual crafter, the uber-simple “wrap yarn around a styrofoam wreath form and add some $1.99 picks” method I saw on several Pins worked for me. I was encouraged enough to try again for Christmas.

I gathered my materials:

  • styrofoam wreath form ($4.99)
  • yarn (I had a bunch of this on-hand, but you can buy large skeins of Royal Heart Supersaver in any color for about $3/ea. I hate doing actual needle work with this yarn because it’s so stiff, but it’s that stiffness which makes it perfect for this craft.)
  • floral/craft picks ($1-$2/ea)

Pinterest Made Me Do It Holiday Wreath Materials

These items are very basic and can pretty much be found at any craft store. I like using the picks because (a) you can shove them right into the form and wrap the yarn around them, eliminating much need for glue, etc, and (b) there are a lot of cute ones to choose from, and even cuter ones for the holidays.

floral craft picks at Joann Fabrics

I like this form-yarn-pick method because it’s very flexible. My idea was to wrap the form á la candy cane in red and white yarn, but discovered too late that I was out of red yarn. I decided on the pale blue instead, and with the cute snowflake and jingle bell branch picks, thought I would create more of a “winter” wreath. But honestly, any colors will do, any picks will do. It’s fun to be whimsical in this regard.

I also do not specifically measure out the yarn, I just leave it a little free-form, and make fixes if and where I need to. Finally, I use regular Elmer’s school glue for anything that needs sticking (like the end of each color block of yarn – BUT, I’ve seen where people just tie or twist these in, too). Bottom line: this is the kind of craft that is simple, flexible, and only takes about 2 hours to do. Easy peasy!

And here is my finished Winter Wreath:

#PinterestMadeMeDoIt: Holiday Winter Wreath, a Pin review by

While Pinterest is chock full of more complicated holiday wreaths, I’m glad for the guidance of the simpler Pins in using yarn to create something fun, easy, and lovely for my holiday home.

Pinterest Made Me Do It is a new series here on my blog, wherein I actually endeavor to bring my Pins to life. Have you had success with bringing a holiday craft/decor Pin to life in your home?