Strangers on a Blog

On the first flight of my recent media trip with Royal Caribbean and Universal Orlando, I sat next to a lovely young woman from Australia. As we made small talk about our individual travel plans, I mentioned the reason for my trip and – by extension – my blog.

On my second flight that day (Orlando is far from Oregon!), I had a similar conversation with the British gentleman seated next to me. (*side note: in some other universe, I would love for these two to meet – they were both young, friendly, attractive, and well-traveled. I think they’d make a great match!)

After arriving in Orlando, I started meeting several of the other bloggers, freelancers, and journalists invited on the trip. Once again, every introduction included some discussion of my blog and what I write about.

In each and every case, I experienced a growing feeling of anxiety about my blog, and what these people would find when (or if) they came to visit it.

Sort of like finding out your in-laws are coming to your house while you’re away, and you didn’t even have time to clean first. (<–which is exactly what happened to me during this trip. True story.)

I kept wondering if my blog accurately reflects my interests and passions. Would be there be some discord in how I was describing it, and how it really is? Would a stranger I had just met put me side-by-side with my blog and see the resemblance?

Hand_with_Reflecting_Sphere, M.C. Escher

Sometimes we don’t really see things until we see them through someone else’s eyes. And I think what I realized is that I have some work to do in bringing this blog to a closer representation of who I really am.

It’s easy with a blog – and especially with one as old as mine – to get into a rut. You do what’s easy, you do what you’re used to doing. And as “real” life gets bigger (and mine feels HUGE right now), it’s easier to let your blog become something “less than” over time.

I have no idea if either of those strangers, or any of media I met this week, have actually come to check out my blog. But even if they haven’t, just talking with them about it has given me a fresh perspective of things, and that alone is already starting to make a positive difference for me.