Pinterest Made Me Do It: 2-Ingredient Cookies (with mix-ins)

Question: if you use Pinterest, what percentage of your “Pins” do you actually cook/sew/craft/bake/visit/buy or try?

Pinning is easy, doing is harder. But I’ve made a goal to bring more of my Pins to life, and I thought it would be fun to share what I discover.

Introducing a new (irregularly recurring) series called:

Pinterest Made Me Do It

*side note: I bought the domain before I realized I would be committing grave copyright infringement if I used it. Buuuuuut…I don’t think there’s any rule saying I can’t write about it on my existing (non-copyright-infringing) blog. If you, my reader, are a lawyer, please correct me if I’m wrong.

First up: 2-Ingredient Cookies (with mix-ins)

Pinterest Made Me Do It - 2-Ingredient Cookies - a Pin review

Here is the original Pin, as posted by Lauren at The Burlap Bag:

original pin for 2 ingredient cookies

I was most attracted to this Pin because of how easy it seemed, and was motivated by the guilt of a bunch of rotting bananas on my counter.

Following the instructions found in the Pin itself (and studying it out more on the website), I mashed up 2 old bananas with 1 cup of quick oats, then decided to stir in crushed walnuts, chocolate chips, and a bit of cinnamon and vanilla (all measurements were “eyeballed”). 350 for 15 minutes, and I had some tasty vittles.

My batch made 12 “cookies” – which out of the oven tasted more like dense muffin bites. My husband didn’t care for them, and the kids never tried them, but I was happy to have more for myself.

I ate a few right away, then refrigerated the rest. I have to say – after taking them out for breakfast this morning – I prefer them refrigerated. They firmed up in the cold, and they now have a nice dense, yet somewhat chewy texture. I also love the crunch of the walnuts and the cold chocolate chips. Because of the oats and the nuts, they make a good breakfast snack that sticks in your tummy. I don’t imagine they have a very long shelf life, so I won’t keep them after today, but I don’t think they’ll last that long anyway.

If you’ve got some old bananas sitting around, I recommend this 2-Ingredient Cookie Pin – it’s quick, easy, made with staples you probably already have at home, and is a relatively healthy treat. Enjoy!