Oh, Yeah, and I Turned 40 Last Week


I LOVE them!

I once made a big celebratory fuss over a dear friend who had told no one about her birthday. I mistook her modesty for the fact that she – especially as she has gotten older – dreads each birthday. Oops.

I will never be one of those people. No, really, I won’t. The same way I don’t bother to color my hair and instead proudly wear my grays (I have earned every one of those puppies!), I will probably never buy wrinkle cream and will always, always love my birthdays.

But, you know…birthdays do change as you get older, and busier.

This year I turned 40. THE BIG 4-0! And…it was busy with family and quiet with fanfare. No party, no presents, not even cake and ice cream.

birthday calendar

I did get my hair cut, scored some treasures at Goodwill, had my favorite homemade lunch (black forest ham, with colby jack and a sandwich pickle, on a hoagie). Spent some time with my husband and youngest son, watched my daughter’s water polo game, had a delicious dinner (organic hamburger with bacon, grilled onions, and a fried egg on top) and dessert (marionberry cobbler, yum!), and watched the end of my son’s football practice. On the flip side, my oldest daughter left that morning to go back to college, and my husband forgot to pick up our Kinder at the bus stop. In other words, a pretty typical mix of highs and lows.

I took the opportunity to buy myself a lovely Kimono robe, and a very practical monopod for my camera. It might sound strange, but I actually do like buying my own presents. My love language is acts of service, not gifts, and it meant more that my husband stayed home and made himself available to me that day (even though he did forget our Kinder…but that honestly makes me laugh more than anything).

In a reversal of the familiar phrase, 40 has come in like a lamb for me – I wonder if it will go out like a lion? I’ll make sure to come back and tell you on my 41st birthday!