de rigueur

de rigueur


prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom

French; first Known Use: 1833.

paris on map

{oh, I wish I were there!}

– – –

This snappy little French phrase came to mind the other day as I contemplated our family’s efficient shift into chaos with the start of school and fall sports.

As in…chaos is the atmosphere de rigueur for the Nerdins.

If you are a French grammarian and I happen to be totally incorrect in my use of that phrase, please don’t correct me. It makes the chaos feel a little fancy, just like buying socks at Tarjay makes me feel a little fancy, too.

We’re not even a full week back into the school routine, but we’re thick in the schedule tango – you go this way, I go that way, back and forth, just no rose in my mouth.

  • One daughter is Assistant Drum Major for the high school marching band.
  • Another daughter is playing her 2nd year of water polo.
  • Older son is playing his first year of tackle football. And starting middle school. The first might help a lot with the second (or vice versa, really).
  • Younger son is starting Kindergarten. And has had his first I’ve-caught-all-the-germs fever. And his first call home from the teacher (he was poking another boy during Circle Time, which earned him a pop on the nose from a 3rd boy – a bystander with a Defender Complex, I’m guessing).
  • We’re preparing (again) for oldest daughter to transition back to college. Having a child come and go creates seismic changes in dynamics.

I’m also still working from home with my own freelance business, doing part-time social media work for a local swim shop, and am looking to pick up some web design projects on the side.

My husband still travels a lot for work and is becoming more and more skilled at sliding into our routine at home.

I could easily rake together a few more calendar items that add to the crazy – Scouts, community orchestra, etc – so many places to be.

This year I feel no motivation to search for the zen, find my center, or deep breath my way through our busy schedule. I’ve decided to just embrace it all. Roll up my sleeves and get to it. This is our family, this is how we operate, busy is our de rigueur.

Snappy – possibly used incorrectly – French phrases and all.