Oh, the Things I Will Do!

Once upon a time – well, it was 2006, actually – all of my kids were in school. I had finally finished my Bachelor’s degree in English in 2005 and was working part-time as a classified substitute in our school district.

I had all kinds of time. I took walks around our neighborhood, I started blogging. I ate meals warm and took long showers. And then I realized, “So what?”

I felt too young (I was 32) to just “settle in” to life and – more than that – felt that I still had a lot more love to give.

That’s when I anxiously introduced the seemingly crazy idea that we should have more kids. My husband was apparently just as crazy as me, because he agreed.

And that’s how we came to have a nearly 7-year gap between child #4 and child #5. Sometimes I marvel at the fact we had our first four kids in 7 years, then waited that much longer to have our last. But Eli has been a huge blessing in our lives, and “starting over” – though it creates challenging circumstances at times – has been an adventure.

Now I’m near that same intersection where all of my kids will be in school (or in the case of our daughter in college – gone). Eli starts Kindergarten next month and I. can’t. wait.

I have NO fear of a similar “So what?” reaction to finally having some time to myself. I am SO ready for it! I keep thinking of all the things I will do – I will clean, I will organize, I will finally get things in tip-top shape. Having moved across country not once but twice during Eli’s short life has made it hard for me to not only parent a young child again, but keep the rest of our house running smoothly. Even just the few hours of half-day Kindergarten should afford me some time to finally “settle.”

But then I think…nah. Maybe I’ll spend my free time with my DVR or a pint of ice cream. Or both. Maybe I’ll blog more, fiddle more, nap more. Maybe I’ll read books cover to cover and meet with friends for brunch.

someecards.com - Some day I will finally have enough time to clean my entire house. And I will probably read a book instead.

(I created this one myself.)

What about you? When your kids were finally all in school, did you take some time for yourself?