Children of the Blog

Last night my daughters Hannah and Abby and my son Eli and I went on an impromptu picnic in the park.

We brought along a basket packed with delicious food, but before anyone could sit down, I had to get pictures – of the basket. First with the basket closed, then with the basket opened. I cut slices of summer sausage and laid out cheese and crackers, but before anyone could eat, I had to get pictures – of the food, untouched.

Later, the kids were given instructions to go play, and to “make sure you’re having fun.” While, of course, I took pictures of them.

kids on swings at park

Such is the life of a blogger’s child.

The picnic was a great opportunity to get out and spend some time together, but our plans were ultimately motivated by an upcoming review for this blog. Do you think my kids mind being my junior assistants in this way? Not at all! And I know because I’ve asked them, several times. In fact, when I once wondered aloud if I should give up blogging altogether, all of my kids burst into a spontaneous and emphatic chorus of “NO!”s.

My kids like the quirkiness of what I do. They like trying new products, going new places, seeing new movies, meeting new people. Even if it means I’ll be taking pictures of them (and sometimes video!) each step of the way. My kids also love being able to tell their friends about their unique experiences because of my blog. They’ve heard the phrase “That’s so cool!” so many times, and they’ve come to like the relative notoriety of it.

Last night after our picnic, I thanked my kids – as I always do – for their help. My oldest daughter Hannah, who was just 12 when I started on this blogging adventure and has spent all of her teenage years with her face peppered across this site, just chuckled and said, “It’s all part of being ‘Children of the Blog’.”

Well, I’m grateful for MY children, and how accepting and supportive they’ve been of my blogging. Here are just a few pictures from posts that they’ve helped me with over the years. They sure are great sports!