Candy Crush Confessions

I’ve only just started playing the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga game on my iPhone, but already I can see some terrible habits emerging. For months I’ve watched as friends on Facebook curse jelly and beg for lives, but I didn’t have an inside view into all the hooplah. But now…oh, now I know.

For all of you frustrated Crushers, I thought I’d provide a safe place to hash out all the emotions and silly little tics we’ve developed playing this game. I invite you now to participate in…Candy Crush Confessions.

Candy Crush Confessions

Being a relative newbie at the game, I’m sure the level 200-ers and above will scoff at my confessions, but I’ll start us off to get the ball rolling.

Counting down to a new life

Yes, I’ve stared at my iPhone screen, counting down the seconds until I have a fresh life and can swipe candy to my hearts content again.

waiting for a new Candy Crush life

I’ve also set my iPhone to notify me when I have full lives again. You know, in case I have to be feeding my kids or keeping the cat out of the dog’s jaws instead of staring at my iPhone screen.

notification of lives on Candy Crush

Clearly I’ve also developed the habit of playing late at night. 10:57? Go to bed, Woman!

Candy Crush can be a fun diversion, a pleasant trip through vacuous mental space. But it can also drive the sanest woman (or man) to foolishness. I’m wondering: what’s something you’ve done in the name of Candy Crushdom that made you shake your head at yourself?

What’s your Candy Crush Confession?