What to Do with the 400 Pictures You Took while on Vacation

I took 400 pictures during our trip to New York City in April. For some of you, that may be child’s play; I know a lot of people who take upwards of 1,000 to 1,500 or more photos during a week-long trip.

But 400 was still a lot to me, and judging by the fact that the photos from my last trip to NYC (taken three years ago) are still on my hard drive, I was fighting against my lazy nature to leave the digital pictures in digital limbo.

Luckily, I’ve known about – and have been religiously ordering – photo printing from Groovebook for several months now, and realized that they were the perfect solution for taking our vacation memories and bringing them to hard-copy life.

What to Do with the 400 Pictures You Took while on Vacation

Groovebook is a free app for iPhone and Android that helps you upload up to 100 photos/month to their service, then they print the photos and ship them to you for just $2.99. If you need more than 100 photos – like I did after our vacation to NYC – you simply email Groovebook support and they will allow you to upload an addition 100, and then another 100, and more and more and more – as many as you need (*note: you can actually do less than 100, too)! You still pay the $2.99 for each book, and they ship to you in about 10 days.

I realize that some people love the online services where you can actually print a more decorative, personalized photo book that comes to you already made. I’ve used those before and like them, too – to a certain extent. In my experience, when you get into the hundreds with the photos, the photo book creation process can become a little cumbersome, and it will certainly cost more than $2.99-per-100 photos.

I also decided this time around to do a comparison between Groovebook printing and the photo printing at my local big-box-store. Again, Groovebook absolutely won for being cost effective – at roughly 3cents/picture, it was FAR cheaper than my store’s 14cents/picture. And how did the quality compare? I will say, printing on a glossy finish at my big-box-store made the photos a little more vibrant, but not significantly (to me anyway).

comparison with groovebook

big-box-store printing on the left, Groovebook on the right

Every single picture I took in New York City was on either my iPhone or my Samsung Galaxy Camera, so it was a cinch to upload via the Groovebook app. But if your photos are on a non-smartphone digital camera, Groovebook has some ideas for how to still use their services on their support page.


Want to give Groovebook a try?

  1. Download their free app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Follow signup instructions.
  3. Enter promo code NERDIN1 at checkout.
  4. Begin reviewing and uploading photos.

If you try Groovebook, make sure to come back and tell me what you think!

*Totally unnecessary non-disclosure disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Not in any way, shape, or form. I am a customer of Groovebook and love their services. I pay my $2.99/month, just like everyone else. The free promo code comes in my photo book each month, and I can share it with as many people as I want. I love Groovebook and want you to know about them, and I love you, so I want you to try them for free!