Enjoy an Urban Adventure with Stray Boots

When my husband and I took a trip to New York City, we wanted a fun, creative way to explore the city. The Stray Boots iPhone app turned out to be just the ticket!

Stray Boots is part city guide, part scavenger hunt – an interactive tour accessible by either a mobile browser, text, or smartphone app. Think of it as a kind of “amazing race,” pocket edition.

Stray Boots City Walking Tour App

Discover a new city, or rediscover your own.

Each tour gives you a starting point, then clue by clue you are lead to explore different highlights in your selected city or neighborhood. At each highlight, you are asked a question (ie: what is painted on the ceiling at this location?) or given a photo op challenge. You earn points for each correct answer and photo submitted (you also have the option to “skip” challenges, but you lose points for that), and after each answer or photo is sent in, the app gives you fun information and trivia about that particular location before sending you onto the next point.

Stray Boots App Screenshots

Our Stray Boots NYC Experience

We chose to take the Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center and Soho walking tours. We had SO much fun taking these two neighborhood tours, and I’m positive that we saw more following the Stray Boots app than if we had been walking around unassisted.

We had decided not to take any in-person walking tours while in NYC, because we didn’t want to be limited to their structure or schedule. But while we were at the Radio City Music Hall stop on our Stray Boots tour, I overheard a guide telling his group the same exact information we got from the trivia on our app! It cracked me up, because here we had the freedom of running on our own schedule (and not having to deal with the tour group crowd), and yet we weren’t missing out on any fun trivia.

We also had a hoot with the photo ops, which required us to take pictures like “Act like a Rockette in front of Radio City Music Hall,” “Take a picture at Rockefeller Center with someone from a foreign country,” and “Pretend to eat the BIG candy at FAO Schwartz.”

Photo Ops Stray Boots App

You can purchase a tour from Stray Boots and begin playing right away, but you can also start and resume a tour anytime within a year of the day of purchase. Each tour takes a different amount of time, with most lasting between 2-3 hours. Although the tour clues are sent to just one phone, Stray Boots asks that each player pays for the tour (much like how walking tours are paid for per person). While Stray Boots can simply be “played” with just a few people on one team, it also makes for a great competition between two or more teams.

Where is Stray Boots available?

Stray Boots tours are now available in more than 30 cities, including:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New Orleans
  • NYC
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

Check each city for featured neighborhoods and individual prices.

We found the Stray Boots tours to be fun, informational, and time incredibly well spent. For more information:

  • Visit the Stray Boots website.
  • Like Stray Boots on Facebook.
  • Follow Stray Boots on Twitter.
  • (note: both the Facebook and Twitter feeds for Stray Boots are often full of fun city trivia and contests for free tour codes.)

*Disclosure: We were given a complimentary code for the NYC Explorer Package from Stray Boots. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, including the fact that I feel this app added a lot to our NYC experience!