What Should We See in NYC? {We Need Your Help!}

Later this month, my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with a week in…New York City! I have been there before, but my husband has not. We are so excited to tackle this city together, and are a little overwhelmed with the possibilities for fun and adventure.

I know there are countless websites, books, travelogues, etc, I could consult for help with what to see and do in NYC. But I thought I’d take a more personal approach and ask for recommendations from YOU – my fun, travel-savvy readers who have been to New York City.

My husband and I are flexible, adventurous travelers, and are just as interested in things off the beaten path as we are in the touristy staples of any destination. If you’ve been to New York City before, tell us:

  • Where should we eat, or what kinds of food should we try while we’re there?
  • What sights are a “don’t miss?” (and what do you think we could skip?)
  • Where should we go for a total NYC experience? (<–keep it clean!)
  • What places aren’t in the tourist guides, but we should see anyway?

Anything you can think of would be great!

We will be seeing one Broadway show while we’re there – Nice Work if You Can Get It, starring Matthew Broderick and Jessie Mueller. I’m super excited about this, and will come back with a review after our trip.

Nice Work if You Can Get It on Broadway

Also, during our trip, I will be sharing updates and photos on Twitter with the hashtag #20th_inNYC.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and I hope you’ll follow the fun when we fly out later this month!