A New Puppy!

Because one child at college, four at home, two adults, two cats, and one dog isn’t enough to wrap my worrying maternal mind around, our family has decided to bring home a new puppy.


We’ve been talking about it for a while. Our current dog, Lucy, is 3 1/2 and for a long time has seemed like she needed a friend. Watching her play with other dogs, we see a change in her – more spunk, more excitement, more relating to herself as a dog. At home with just our family, she is much more reserved and tends to shadow us through every movement in our day. Getting another puppy seemed like a nice way to bring her out of her shell. Besides…puppies. Who doesn’t love ’em?!

My husband has been resistant to the idea, though. But the kids have remained persistent. Just days after a fresh campaign by them to adopt a new puppy (which involved a heated after-dinner conversation and the kids promising all sorts of good behavior, which they were willing to write out and sign in a contract), we found out that our friend’s dog had just fathered a litter. My husband, strangely enough, was the one who pressed for more information. What do they look like? How many boys and girls? How many are left for adoption? After a few phone calls, he told us at dinner on Monday night that we needed to finish eating, we were going to pick out our puppy. The kids freaked out.

Picking a puppy from a litter is so hard. I mean, crazy hard!! How are you supposed to know which is the “right” one? We snuggled with the three left for adoption, and decided on this little boy:

Chewbacca Puppy Collage

Our daughter Maddy jokingly suggested the name Chewbacca, and it stuck. He’s going to be big, brown, and a total softy; the name seems to fit. We’ll call him Chewy (or Chewie? we haven’t decided on the spelling) for short. His mom is a purebred Walker Hound and his dad is a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. We think he’ll be big and lumbering, so we’re prepared for that.

Chewbacca is still too young to bring home, so we’re waiting a few weeks for that day. In the meantime, I’m beginning to wonder all sorts of things. Will he be a good boy? Our Lucy is the sweetest thing ever – great with kids, totally non-aggressive, doesn’t bark or hardly make a peep. Did we just do a great job training her, or did she come so good? Will we have the same luck with Chewy/Chewie, or will there be challenges we didn’t have with Lucy? I imagine that puppies are just like children, and having five children I know they are each a little different from each other.

So, we’re excited, nervous, and ready for puppy parenthood…again. Here we go!