Meet THE CROODS Characters

*This is one in a series of posts going behind the scenes of DreamWorks’ new animated film, THE CROODS. I’ve also written a straightforward movie review of THE CROODS, now out in theaters.

THE CROODS – the newest 3D film from DreamWorks Animation, in theaters March 22 – is all about family. About staying together, working together, and loving each other – no matter what.

Meet THE CROODS Characters DreamWorks

Each of THE CROODS characters holds a certain place in the family dynamic, and brings their own unique personality and pinch of fun to the film. Without further adieu, I’d love for you to…



Meet Gran - DreamWorks THE CROODS

Gran’s a spunky one, a bit sassy at times and often at odds with her son-in-law Grug. But at a critical point in the movie, she shows just how dedicated she is to keeping this family together.

Grug and Ugga

Meet Grug - DreamWorks The CroodsMeet Ugga - DreamWorks THE CROODS

Doing their best to raise a family in near impossible conditions, Grug and Ugga may sometimes have different opinions about the best course of action, but it’s clear they love and support each other.

Eep, Thunk, and Sandy

Meet Eep - DreamWorks THE CROODSMeet Thunk - DreamWorks THE CROODSMeet Sandy - DreamWorks THE CROODS

Eep, Thunk, and Sandy make for a diverse set of siblings. Eep is all about adventure, while Thunk follows his father’s more practical, reserved tendencies. Sandy is a bundle of raw energy, and is a kinetic force of her own!

Guy and Belt

Meet Guy - DreamWorks THE CROODSMeet Belt - DreamWorks THE CROODS

Guy and Belt are a clever, resourceful team. They’ve been on their own and out in the elements for a while, and have a lot to teach the CROODS about the new world emerging around them.

Join the Family

You can join THE CROODS on their adventures when the movie comes out in theaters on March 22. For now, visit the official website, like The Croods on Facebook, follow @DWAnimation on Twitter (hashtag #TheCroods), or take a look at this newest trailer:

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of posts I have written following a trip to DreamWorks Animation in February. The trip was provided by 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.