I Got Dressed Today, and I’m Not Even Going Anywhere

Why is it that we get dressed for strangers, but don’t get dressed for ourselves?

I’ve been in Hollywood for the past two days, and in a flurry of pre-trip excitement, spent some of our tax refund on new clothes, new make-up, and proper hair care products. And for the past two days I have been showered, well-coiffed, and nicely dressed. All for people I don’t know and may never see again.

But left to my own devices, at home, with only my 5yo for a fashion critique? I often look like a surprisingly well-fed hobo.

I’ve thought about this a lot over the years, and even written about it here. I wish I could be more disciplined about getting myself presentable every day, even if I have no one to present myself to. Because how I look affects how I feel, and I should be a good enough reason to get myself dressed in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great reasons to wear sweats all day.

  • They are comfortable.
  • I don’t care about them getting dirty in the process of doing housework.
  • They are comfortable.

But since I often stay on the path I set out on, I find that if I don’t get dressed in the morning, I’m about 1,000 times less likely to ever go out that day. Which means I skip errands or miss opportunities or end up getting stuck on the unhealthy hamster wheel of obsession with household minutia.

I’ve seen this humorous image floating around Pinterest lately, so I know I’m not alone in this:

Moms wearing yoga pants



And I know this probably isn’t the same issue for women who work outside of the home. But I’m curious: Are you good about getting yourself up and ready for the day, even when you have nowhere to go?



  • Nancy

    no.  And I definitely dress differently on my “work in an office” days than on my “working at home” days.  Ages ago I worked for Discover Card and they sited a study showing customer service was better when the employees were dressed at least corporate casual – and we were just on the phones!!  None of our clients could see us!  So I agree with the notion that how we dress affects our mood and ability to be productive.  A biggie for me is dressing all the way to my shoes.  (which I despise – but since getting a reprimand from the foot doctor, have been forced to wear shoes all the time)   but I have noticed I’m much more productive with shoes on.  

    • What a *great* point – dressing to your shoes. I haven’t ever thought about that, and I’m pretty awful about ever wearing shoes at home. I can see how it could help make a difference. Thanks for the idea!

  • CrissyPage

    No, I’m not, but I wish that I was. Right now I’m in pj’s and a robe, and I feel so… blah. I know I would feel more productive and less GROSS if I just got dressed!

    • I’m like you – I feel “gross,” too, especially if one day stretches into two…or three…and I haven’t ever been properly presentable. Somehow being “comfortable” turns into “why bother?” for me, and I have to be really mindful of that. Thanks for the comment, Crissy!

  • Heck NO! haha. I totally live in my yoga pants and comfy slide in shoes. I struggle with this too because when I am gone, I am dressed and up before the sun comes up and I feel more productive so why don’t I just do this at home? It would be SO much easier — right? yet– my yoga pants — they call my name 🙂