How amazon Turned My Disappointment into Customer Loyalty

As a last-minute impulse buy for Christmas, I bought our family a Silvertone Acoustic Guitar Pack from Amazon. All of my kids have been wanting to play the guitar, and I thought it would be a fun surprise and a new learning endeavor for 2013. The guitar had mostly positive reviews, and after checking feedback on other sites, I decided to go for it.

Silvertone Acoustic Guitar Pack

Just days after Christmas, we brought the guitar to a friend for tuning. He noticed something was “off” about it, and offered to bring it to a professional guitar shop. Sure enough, they discovered the bridge was cracked, and one of the strings was strung so improperly that it couldn’t be played without a noticeable hum.

I was severely disappointed, but rather than pay the shop to bring the guitar up to “playable” standards – and cautioned by the warning that it would likely not stay in tune once fixed, or be a reliable guitar – I decided to look into Amazon’s return policy.

Three minutes – that’s about all it took from start to finish to navigate through the return process online.

amazon's return policy

I simply:

  • went to my Account
  • followed the link to my Orders
  • clicked on the drop-down menu of Available Actions
  • chose Return or Replace Items
  • then left my Reason for the Return.

Return shipping is free, and – GET THIS! – I was asked if I wanted to drop the package off at an authorized UPS dealer -OR- have the packaged picked up (at my house!) by UPS.

I was completely skeptical as I clicked the option to have UPS pick up my package (I mean, do companies really do that?), but I decided to see how it would all play out.

We re-packaged the guitar with all the original items and packaging, then waited until the next business day (when Amazon said it would schedule the pick-up).

Sure enough, the next business day, UPS came knocking at my door. He came with the appropriate labeling for free return shipping – I didn’t have to do a thing!

Not only that, but I received a full refund for the item within 24 hours of pick-up (note: The speed of your refund may depend on how you would like to be credited. In my case, I received it back as Amazon Credit.)

The process was easy, quick, and in my case, entirely free*.

THIS is why I will continue to shop with Amazon. Because despite receiving a damaged, sub-par product, they were willing to make things right for me.

I’m wondering: have you had to return a Christmas item? How did it go?

*Different terms may apply to different situations. I’m only telling you how it went for me. Please read Amazon’s complete Returns Policy.

**Disclosure: Affiliate links included.