Books I Read in 2012 (Complete with Ratings and Reviews)

I read more books in 2012 than I may have read in 2010 and 2011 combined. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just get out of the habit of reading, no matter how much I love and enjoy it. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind for this year, other than I wanted to start reading again, and to keep a steady flow of books coming and going. I am pleased with what I accomplished: 19 books read in 2012. Of course, I didn’t love all of them, and 2 I didn’t even finish. But hopefully I’ve established the habit again, and I look forward to some great reading in 2013.

Below is my update stream from Goodreads. I’m not sure how it happened, but there are two significant omissions from the list: The Scorpio Races and Wonder, both of which I LOVED and would rate 5/5 stars. In fact, they were probably my favorite 2 books of 2012 (click on the links for my reviews).

the-scorpio-races-book-cover-image  Book cover Wonder by RJ Palacio

The rest of the list is intact, though, complete with book cover, title, author, the average Goodreads rating, and my own personal star rating. You can click on any item in the list to be taken to the Amazon info page, or to my own review (if I wrote one).

Tell the Wolves I'm Home: Amazon The Adoration of Jenna Fox: Amazon Crossed: Amazon The Midwife's Confession: Amazon A Tale Dark and Grimm: Amazon A Monster Calls: My Review Image Map

The Girl Who Chased the Moon: Amazon The Age of Miracles: My Review The Raven Boys: Amazon Princess Academy, Palace of Stone: My Review Graceling: My Review Ready Player One: My Review Image Map

The Night Circus: My Review The False Prince: Amazon Divergent: Amazon Midnight in Austenland: Amazon Matched: Amazon Image Map

All books are available here on Amazon:

I’d love to know:

have you read anything from my list of Books Read in 2012? Did you read anything this year you would recommend? Do you have any books you are looking forward to in 2013?

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  • The Night Circus was so long that it should count as 3 books. 🙂

    • The Night Circus was so weird, because I wanted to love it, but the pace was so screwy to me. It felt like nothing much happened as the plot inched along, but then I would have to backtrack because it seemed I missed something. Anyway, I bet it would make a lovely movie. We’ll see!

  • Heather Orr

    I loved Divergent and Insurgent. I read the Mortal Instruments series this year – loved that one too. I don’t remember if you’ve read that or not. I read Maze Runner which is a good post-apocolyptic series but with a boy as a main character. It seems most of those have a girl. It was very different and, of course, left you wanting to read the next book – which I haven’t yet.

    • My girls LOVE the Mortal Instruments series, but I have yet to read it. Need to add that to my list! And I see that Maze Runner is an Amazon Kindle deal today, so I’m off to snag it. Thanks for the recommendations!