Sky, Fields, Family

It was impossibly beautiful here in Oregon today. Mid 70’s, bright sun, clear blue sky, lovely breeze. The incredible weather, coupled with the rare occasion that everyone was home (except Hannah, we miss you!), meant that we just had to get out and make some memories.

We found an out-of-the way u-pick farm and pumpkin patch, just 6 miles from our house. There wasn’t another soul there – in fact, even the owner was hard to find! The place felt deserted. Which ultimately meant that we had acres and acres to ourselves. The kids were able to wander, enjoy, and explore, and I was able to take some fun pictures. It’s been a while since I was able to get real “artsy” with my iphoneography, so I was grateful for the chance.

Which do you think is my favorite photo?

Family starts at u-pick

corn stalks on a beautiful day

farm rooster

strange hand sculptures at farm

abby and eli at the top of the world

kids picking strawberries

Abby checking out the strawberries

Robb and Eli picking strawberries

Eli looking over the countryside

our shadows

sprinkler black and white


one ripe blackberry

owl in the field color

We spent 2 hours at the farm, and came away with 6 fabulous pumpkins, a flat full of berries, and some apples and corn – all for less than $25! Such a steal, and such fun memories.

Oh, by the way – it’s hard to choose, but I’m partial to the black and white photo of the sprinkler.

Has your family visited a u-pick farm or pumpkin patch yet this Fall?