More Popular than Cindy Crawford. Yep, That’s Me.

Even though my blog has barely been limping along for the past few months, I’ve still managed to garner a decent amount of traffic. Mostly thanks to Google search and curious folks looking for product reviews (of which I have written many).

Top on my stats list for months now is my review of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty products.

I’m grateful for the public’s interest in Cindy and her products, I’d like to thank them for their curiosity and hope they found something useful here.

But I’m also tired of always coming in as a distant 2nd…or 3rd…or much lower on the stats list when it comes to personal content.

That is, until yesterday. You lovely people of Internetland (most of whom were probably friends and family. hi mom!) came to read more about the differences between my old neighborhood in Texas and our new neighborhood here in Oregon than anyone who came to read about Cindy’s endorsement for proper skin care.

you like me better than you like cindy crawford


It may seem silly, but it felt really good to have me, my life, told in my voice come out on top of any sponsored content. I honestly enjoy working with companies, but it’s time like these (with stats like this) that show me it’s possible to have a healthier balance of ME alongside any of the work I do here. Thank you for that!



  • Natalie

    I know what you mean. Anytime I have a personal post that does well I feel like I’m getting back to my writing roots. Coincidentally, my Cindy Crawford post gets a lot of hits too #Weird