4 Kids Feels Like a Lot Less Than 5

It’s been one week since my daughter left for college, and I’ve noticed a few things.

For starters, 4 kids feels like a lot less than 5. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is a good kid. But still, there’s just the slightest bit more calm and the slightest bit less noise now. And the food and toilet paper seem to last longer.

But then I’ve come up short several times in the last week thinking “Oh, I bet Hannah will love this!” or “Oh, I’d love to check that out with Hannah!” only to remember…bummer, Hannah’s not here. Calm and quiet and food and toilet paper don’t totally cover the cost of losing the company of someone you really love to be with. Why does she have to be so darn likable?

I also must confess that I miss her superior Mother’s Helper skills. She is amazing with my 5 yo, she provides a nice buffer between the two other girls, she’s understanding and compassionate with my 11yo son. I’m missing all of that right now. And I’m missing having another licensed driver in the house. Selfish of me? Well, yeah.

It’s also strange having fewer kids at church. I mean, look at all this space after our last hymn book in the pew. A cute little family of three could totally fit next to us now. Weird!

church pew

We miss her a lot, and I’m adjusting to the strangeness (and benefits) of a smaller flock at home, but I’m still just so excited for her and proud of the choices she is making every day.

And thanks to the marvels of modern technology, it just takes a few clicks to have my house fill up with all my kids’ voices again. That ‘quiet’ never lasts for long!

kids Skyping with hannah

Kids at home Skyping with Hannah.