My Oldest Daughter Just Left for College (and I haven’t cried…yet)

My husband and oldest daughter just pulled out of the driveway, off on a road trip that ends with my daughter moving into her first-year college dorm.

Hannah leaving

I’ve cried a lot of tears over this child. When she’s been in pain, when she’s struggled, when she’s pulled away from me emotionally (and when she came back).

But I’m not crying today. I’m too excited for her.

This is what is supposed to happen, this is what I’ve raised her to do. As I heard another mother say it: I’ve spent most of my motherhood trying to work myself out of a job.

I am so excited to know what happens next, even if that “next” means I can’t be physically near her.

That’s probably the thing I’m saddest about – not being able to see her all the time, because I really do enjoy her company. She’s a pretty phenomenal girl. But now the rest of the world (or at least Rexburg, Idaho) gets to figure that out. Lucky them!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying later, when she’s going through something I can’t fix for her, or when she’s making rash decisions and won’t listen to advice. All those things we do when we’re growing up and messing up and figuring it all out.

But I’m not crying today, and neither was she when she left. She’s ready to go. She’s ready for what’s next.

Go get ’em, Hannah!!