I Didn’t Know I Could Do That!

Necessity Is the Mother of Google Searches

I’m not sure how I got through life before Google.

It’s a permanent fixture on my browser’s toolbar, and an oft-used app on my iPhone. Any little question that comes up – from a local store’s hours to how long to bake bacon to how to work through that stubborn math problem on my kid’s homework sheet – I hit up ol’ Professor Google for the answer.

In the last week alone I’ve conquered three pretty awesome tasks with the help of Google.

  1. Replaced my daughter’s laptop keyboard. Did you even know this was possible? I didn’t! My 18yo is leaving for college soon, and with our impending move, money is a little tight. She needs a laptop for school, and we’ve been putting off the purchase until we can make sure to buy her a great one. To my surprise, last week she suggested she take my 2yo laptop that I’m no longer using. I recently reset it to factory settings, so it’s running great, and it has plenty of memory and all the software she needs. The only problem? Right after I bought it, my then 3yo son plucked off every. single. key from the keyboard. I tried to put it back together at the time, but it was still missing more than a dozen keys. I got online to price out individual replacements, and it would have cost me about $90. But then I spied an article on Google that showed how to purchase a keyboard unit and simply replace it on the laptop. It cost me $15, was a simple 5-step process, and took only about 5 minutes to complete. The laptop is good as new!
  2. Fixed torn Venetian blinds cords. The kitty we adopted in November loves to bat at and bite off the pull cords of nearly every set of our Venetian blinds. We wanted to fix those before we move from this rental, but knew it would be expensive to hire a professional. Thankfully, Google had tons of references for DIY blind repair at home, and I’m amazed at how simple it was. Blind cords are coated with a waxy film, so if you simple hold two ends of cord together, light a match under them, then quickly tap the two together, they will fuse! No tying knots to keep cords together, no hiring a professional to take care of it. And we tested it – this simple fix holds up to the most extreme tugs and pulls. Awesome!
  3. Gave my dog a clipper cut. Our Lucy Anne is a beautiful girl, but she grows a coarse, wiry topcoat that sometimes makes her look unkempt, and makes it not so soft to snuggle up with her. She’s still technically a puppy and gets very excited around new people, so I’ve always worried about taking her to a professional groomer. Yesterday I finally went and purchased a clipper grooming set from the pet store, and set about reading all sorts of tutorials listed on Google about how to groom my dog at home. I was nervous about it at first, but all of the helpful tips, photos, and videos gave me confidence, and I sat Lucy down with the clippers. After 20 minutes or so, I had her looking pretty spiffy (if I do say so myself), and she was actually very well-behaved for me! It feels great knowing that I can groom her any time she needs it, and that I’ll be saving loads of money, too.

So, do you have this same kind of love affair with Google?

I’d love to know: what have you learned from Google lately?