My Future as a Football Mom

With a daughter moving on to college, my husband and I have realized that we’ll have more time in our schedule to accommodate more after-school activities for our other children.

This change also coincides with a big move and new schools and the challenges our kids will face in needing to make new friends.

Thinking over all of this, we decided it would be the perfect time to sign up our 11yo son, Isaac, for football.

Oh, my heart. It is worried.

It’s not like Isaac is a little guy or anything. At 11 years old he is already 5’4″ and a broad, strong, solid 150lbs. I think he’ll be able to hold his own.

But in my mother’s mind, I can’t help but still think of him like this sometimes:

isaac suit cropped

Isaac, at about 5 years old.

We chose a good football league, one that feeds right into the high school he will attend, if he is still playing when the time comes. They seem organized and conscientious and provided all sorts of helpful information on things like equipment and exercise and head injuries.

Oh, there goes my heart again.

Really, I am excited for him, and he’s eager to play. I’m praying that he won’t be *too* far behind the other boys in terms of never having played before, and I pray that he catches on quickly.

And, of course, I’m praying that I won’t need to dig too deep into the head injury literature from the football league.

Tell me: are you a football mom? Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for me?