Long Story Short – A Quick Guide To Our Family’s Big Changes

July 2011my husband takes a job with his company in Chicago. The kids and I stay behind in Houston so our oldest daughter can finish her Senior year in high school. We anticipate all of us moving to Chicago in the summer of 2012.


January 2012 – my husband’s company opens an office in Dallas and transfers him there. It soon becomes apparent that we will be moving to Dallas instead of Chicago. I cry. I want out of Texas. I pray. I come to terms with the change of plans and find peace.


April-ish 2012 – rumors begin swirling about a job opening on the West Coast at my husband’s company. Our ears perk up.


May 2012 – a job does indeed open up, and not only is it on the West Coast, but possibly based out of Portland. The same town we moved from 4 1/2 years ago and where we left a huge chunk of our hearts. We pray. My husband applies for the job.

maybe portland

June 2012 – our daughter graduates from high school. My husband interviews for the job. I interview for a job. On the same exact day, my husband is offered his job and I am offered my job. Our prayers are now prayers of immense gratitude.

yes portland

July 2011 – June 2012 – More tears than I can count, worries, stress, struggles, but blessings, too. A stronger family, a stronger faith, especially as we’ve had to put so much in God’s hands.

And now…

It looks like we will finally be moving the 1st week of August. In one more example of God’s hand and timing, we will be renting a house from a family we knew in Oregon who had just recently decided to move to Utah. We were praying for a good home in a good neighborhood, they were praying to find a family they knew to rent their beloved home. All of our prayers were answered in the kind of story that gives you goosebumps.

I feel like I’ve been ¬†holding my breath for so long, just endeavoring to live through a trying time. I’m beginning to feel whisps of fresh air on my face, though, and I am excited for the challenges and changes ahead!