The Life We Have Planned

Ever since I hinted at retiring my blog earlier this year, the idea has continued to haunt the back of my mind.

I’ve been struggling to find my passion for what I call “the hustle,” or the high-energy dedication it takes to network, promote, improve, and build a blog to its greatest chance for greatest success.

I used to love the pace of social media; it’s like Wall Street in binary code. But the siren song of opportunity has sounded more like chatter and white noise lately, leaving me tempted to shut down altogether.



I’ve learned so much. Made so many connections. Grown as a person. Grown as a writer. I can’t leave that all behind.

While praying about it (because praying is what I do), I felt this distinct impression in my heart: you have to open your hands and your heart so *I* can fill them. I was guided to let go of my fears and take a step towards a greater plan than my own.

life we have planned

My first decision was to remove the “Products” category from my blog’s main navigation. That may seem like a small thing, but to me, it was a statement: I will not worry about the hustle to get the next sweet deal or bigger, better campaign with a company. I will begin to focus on the things I love, and if products or campaigns work into those things organically, then so be it. But it would not be my focus, not be my aim. I would let go of that ambition and follow my heart to what would fill it properly.

That night, after the small, but significant change in my attitude towards my blog, after releasing myself from my own ambitions and ideas for my future online, I stumbled upon an opportunity that seemed to whisper “See? This is perfect for you, and you wouldn’t even have considered it if your heart was still holding onto what you thought could do alone.”

So now I’m starting a new adventure, one that is bigger than I would have dreamed for myself, but that God knew I could handle, as long as I was ready to empty my hands and let Him fill them.

*If you’d like me to save you the time of following all those links, I can tell you: I’ve been hired as the full-time Managing Editor at 5 Minutes for Mom. I am wildly excited to have an actual *job* that utilizes all I have learned and all I love about social media, while allowing me to let my own blog follow a less stressful, more enjoyable path.