Wherein I Answer the Burning Questions from Search Engine Land

Since deciding to go with the changing flow of my blog, I’ve been less concerned than ever with checking my stats. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to keep an eye on things, especially when it can be so darned entertaining.

Case in point…

One of the many stats services I use is StatCounter (free version), where I can see Recent Keyword Activity that brought readers to my site via search engines. Sometimes the keywords are just single words, sometimes short phrases, but every so often readers will ask a full question and are led to Tree, Root, and Twig as some kind of sage Oracle.


For those who ask “How do I pull a tree up by it’s roots without being scratched by the twigs?” (or something akin to that), I always send out a silent apology and then chuckle to myself at what was likely some “What the….?”s mumbled under their breath as they quickly left my site.

But chances are some people are finding answers to their questions in my posts. To help those folks out even further, I thought I would assemble some of the more recent questions with breadcrumbs leading to Tree, Root, and Twig and answer them here.

Can you go snorkeling without knowing how to swim? (also: Can you go snorkeling if you wear glasses?) Yes, and yes! Most (if not all, call before boarding) snorkeling tours have flotation belts that fit securely around your waist and help you stay afloat as you look into the water. On our snorkeling trip, lots of people – even able swimmers – wore them. Also, if you wear glasses, the magnifying effect of the goggles tends to compensate for not wearing your glasses in the water. Read my full post, Snorkeling for Beginners (10 Tips).

Where should I take my wife on a date? First of all, good for you! Your thoughtfulness in even searching for the answer to this shows you are trying to plan ahead. Now I would just ask: what does your wife like to do? What does she enjoy? Make this night about her and her interests, even if it means a chick flick when you like adventure or Italian food when you’d rather have Mexican. Also, if you’re looking for super local suggestions, I would ask friends rather than the internet, but that’s just me. Read my full post, How To Date Your Wife.

What to wear to Sea World? (also: Can you bring food to Sea World?) This is perhaps *the* most often-asked question in my stats right now. Hello, summer! Keep in mind that my answers only apply to Sea World San Antonio; I have not been to the San Diego or Orlando parks. But in San Antonio during the summer, you will want to dress light and perhaps wear a hat. Wear shoes you can walk in, but can get wet, too. I would make use of the lockers and maybe bring a change of socks or some flip flops to use temporarily – your clothes will dry fast in the sun and heat, but your shoes will stay soggy on your feet (and may be irritating). As far as food goes, San Antonio allows you to bring snack size portions, NOT full boxes or large servings. Also, NO STRAWS. If you have juice boxes, they will take the straws, and you will be stuck looking like a fool trying to get into them (I speak from experience). Clear plastic water bottles are allowed. For more details and tips, read my full post, 10 Tips for Visiting Sea World.

Can I use cake mix in an electric donut maker? You can with the donut maker I reviewed! Super easy. Read my full post, Homemade Treats with the Babycakes Donut Maker.

Is Bree Hafen LDS? I think so.

Does Cindy Crawford use Meaningful Beauty products? (also: Do Meaningful Beauty products work?) Honestly, I have no idea if Cindy Crawford actually uses the products she claims to have helped create and now professionally endorses. It’s really no matter to me. I can say that now 3 months after the end of my own professional blogging campaign with them, I do still regularly use 3 of the products from the system and love them. Read my full post, My Mixed Review of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty Products.

What builds character? That’s what I’d like to know, too.

These are just a handful of questions I pulled from the last 24 hours. It’s fun to see what rolls in day by day, and what’s on people’s minds as they search the internet. Hopefully readers who find their way here find something of some use to them. Well, all those who aren’t searching for “tripping over a tree root” anyway.