So You Think You Can Dream {SYTYCD, Season 9!}

It’s that time of year again.

Time for another season of So You Think You Can Dance.

My girls and I are absolutely riveted by this show. Not by the well-meaning (though cringe-worthy) fellow who invented The Wiggle and got the audience to do The Ocean. Or by the moron who stood on stage for his audition, railing at how the show makes people “sell out” (my 18yo was yelling at the screen during that segment), and then blamed the judges for his lack of focus and less-than-stellar performance (that guy was such a jerk!).

No, we are riveted by the beauty of what some truly talented folks can do with their bodies. We are riveted by the expression of emotion through movement. We are riveted by the stories of hope and survival that enrich some of these dancers’ performance.

Last night we cheered during the Season 9 Premiere when the show introduced Bree Hafen, a 29-yr old mother of 2 from McKinney, Texas. Not only were we excited that their family appears to be LDS (our Mormon radar when ding!ding!ding! seeing the photo of the temple in their home), but also that she is a mom chasing a dream, and she’s GOOD. (*note: I find some of my favorite new music from SYTYCD. Bree performed to Ingrid Michaelson’s “Sort Of,” which has now been downloaded to my iPhone!)

bree hafen so you think you can dance 1

bree hafen on so you think you can dance

bree hafen dances on so you think you can dance

sorry it's so fuzzy! this is best I could do during her fabulous routine.

We will definitely be cheering her on when the show gets to the Vegas trials!

And speaking of a Mom with a Dream…

Every year as I watch this show, the same ache settles in my gut – a solid wish that I could dance. Not like some of these people dance (I could never hope to have that kind of talent), but enough to move and express myself and not fall flat on my face.

Maybe they need to come up with a new reality show: So You Think You Want to Learn How To Dance with the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars. Get some of the past contestants to pull regular ol’ folks like me on to a dance floor and teach us how to move. I would definitely sign up for that!